Electronic Signature has Better Traceability than Traditional Manuscript Signature

An electronic signature is way different from signing traditionally with a wet ink personally but provides more credibility to know that you are whom you say you are. While electronic signature offers the same flexibility for the signer to read, understand and then sign the document like how manually a singer would do, it records […]

The legality of Electronic Signature

An electronic signature or eSignature is an electronic way of signing any document against traditional manual wet ink signatures on paper documents.  It replaces handwritten signatures and allows you to sign on the web using specialised electronic signature software.  Electronic signatures have become popular since they are tamper-proof and are also easy to administer.  It […]

How eSignatures Reduce Paper Waste and Pollution- And Why Everyone Should Use Them

In traditional paper-based signatures, all documents are printed on paper of as many copies as there are signatories and signed by all of them manually. This increases paper consumption and consequently felling of trees since wood being one of the primary raw materials for the manufacturing of paper. If one can change over to electronic […]

eSignature: The Future of Signing Documents

In the current era of pandemic where the world has turned to digital, business must go on as usual. Companies need to execute documents, agreements, contracts etc., which was hitherto done personally or face-to-face. With social distancing and people restricting their travel and meet-ups, electronic signing is the best and most viable alternative to paper […]