Manuscript Signature and Electronic Signature

What is a signature? Laws of most countries have not defined “signature” in any of their dealing laws. With the widespread use of electronic communications, it may be worthwhile to understand what constitutes a valid signature. The manuscript signature provided evidence on three counts; a) Identity of the signatory; b) Intention to make a manuscript […]

Significance of electronic signature and must have Top 10 Features of electronic signature

Across globe organizations (be it a start-up, small and medium organization or a large enterprise) are working remote. Despite many challenges, considering the “New Normal” the entire value chain (employees, owners, stake holders, suppliers, vendors, customers, etc) is collaborating online to accomplish tasks to meet business priorities & demand.  Signing of business document is one of the critical tasks across all sorts of organizations.  Considering the remote working scenario, document signing activity is relatively delayed due to lack of required infrastructure (print […]

The Electronic Vs. Digital Signature

One’s signature is an essential legal asset that one possesses. The act of putting one’s signature creates quite a legal effect. The legality of a manuscript signature has slowly changed to accepting electronic signatures by amendments to various laws in each country. The electronic signature takes two forms of signature, one known as an electronic […]

Evolution of Electronic Signature: How It All Began

UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce, published by United Nations in 1996, was one of the most influential pieces of legislation that triggered the wave of development of electronic signature laws around the world including the United States. Most countries based their electronic signature laws on the UN model code. It was for the first […]

Electronic Signature: You are whom you say you are

Traditionally manuscript signature performed the function of either authenticating something or accepting something in simple terms. An example of authentication is signing a cheque to authorize payment to a payee. An example of accepting is signifying that one has read, understood, and accept the content as written by appending their manual signature. When one signs […]

How You Can Improve Customer Experience by adopting eSignature in eCommerce

Customer Experience is about creating a pull effect in the Customer’s minds to do more and more business with a brand or a company. Customers get emotionally attached to the brand or company due to the consistent, accessible, speedy, and quality experience they have seen or felt and that which stays in their mind. It […]

Top Industries that can Benefit from eSignature Application

eSignature is one of the crucial pieces to close the loop in the digital transformation journey of many B2B and B2C customers. Businesses like eCommerce thrive because eSignature evolved to contract with customers effortlessly. Similarly, banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, mortgage, financial services, law firms, Automobiles, professional firms, etc., are all benefitted from using eSignature […]

How eSignature Saves Companies Time, Costs, and Resources

Traditionally, businesses print, sign, and courier documents by postal mail for a counterparty to sign. Later, with the advent of the internet, it slowly got changed to print, sign, scan, and sent to a counterparty for signature for them to do the same. But now, businesses are looking for time-saving and efficiency with customer satisfaction. The emergence of eSignature has helped businesses to achieve this and turnaround document signature in […]

Draft + Sign + Send: All in one screen: unified digital transformation

Electronic signature evolved and became famous as businesses adopted digital transformation to improve internal and external efficiency and achieve employee/customer satisfaction. However, most cloud eSignature software is pure signature software products, leaving the creation of documents outside the unified digital transformation mode. There are very few products in the cloud that achieves the perfect balance […]

Electronic Signature has Better Traceability than Traditional Manuscript Signature

An electronic signature is way different from signing traditionally with a wet ink personally but provides more credibility to know that you are whom you say you are. While electronic signature offers the same flexibility for the signer to read, understand and then sign the document like how manually a singer would do, it records […]