Draft + Sign + Send: All in one screen: unified digital transformation

unified digital transformation

Electronic signature evolved and became famous as businesses adopted digital transformation to improve internal and external efficiency and achieve employee/customer satisfaction. However, most cloud eSignature software is pure signature software products, leaving the creation of documents outside the unified digital transformation mode. There are very few products in the cloud that achieves the perfect balance between creation, signing, and sending, all in one bundled approach to achieve perfect unified digital transformation. Even out of those few, significantly less achieve it through an intuitive and easy user interface.

Digital Transformation

Nowadays, online businesses are increasing day by day. According to Statista, the number of global online users is predicted to grow to more than 3.4 billion by 2022. Data is the most precious asset of any business, and digital transformation has brought a new way of presenting data and connecting with customers and its partners. This has changed the whole value chain. From business transactions to customer relationships, all have changed, and businesses attempt to deliver the most value using data analytics. Electronic Transaction Management is designed to enhance any business’ management by enabling essential functions to co-exist in a secure digital environment.

Out-of-the-box solution

Businesses must save precious time and energy and get rid of countless paperwork required to attempt a paperless office environment. With so many customization options that are day-to-day needed for digital correspondence, you can make it an all-encompassing model application. An intuitive interface or on-screen self-service training videos can avoid human errors. You can create shareable public links to your files directly from a document for easy and immediate authentication. A convenient option to preview the documents before signing it and integration with document store points can add value to a cloud eSignature software.

Draft + Sign + Send

In the last decade, the digital transformation, while helpful in the creation of documents (of any kind) as it brings forth a plethora of innovation for enterprise as well as the user, has become one of the critical focal points to be addressed by organizations. The functions that several employees of an organization earlier performed are now largely automated, using technology. Traditionally, documents or agreements were drafted, printed, manually signed, scanned, and circulated by e-mail to other stakeholders. Cloud eSignature products improved the action point to avoid printing and scanning. However, if a product can combine right from drafting to sending, it will stand true to the meaning of unified digital transformation. In a nutshell, we say the product does Draft + Sign + Send and serves the complete eco-system that a digital transformation must achieve in the cloud eSignature software arena. There could be other value-add options like document proofing, QR Codes, charting and graphing, interactive field incorporation and much more that suits a 21st-century modern enterprise that wants to be consistently responsive to new and emerging needs. CryptoESIGN has redefined cloud eSignature software by a unique fresh interface, combining it with utility features and covering the complete value chain of electronic signature digital transformation than in the past.


As we embark on the new normal of contained working due to pandemic, businesses wonder about the path the future of cloud eSignature software will take. Will the future be a just simple eSignature digital transformation? Will the future be eSignature integrating with blockchain? Will the future be a unified digital transformation on a single screen interface right from the word “go” until the end? It looks like we have the answer! It is happening now in CryptoESIGN, and there is no stopping it for the benefit of our customers.

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