How eSignature Saves Companies Time, Costs, and Resources

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Traditionally, businesses print, sign, and courier documents by postal mail for counterparty to sign. Later, with the advent of the internet, it slowly got changed to print, sign, scan, and sent to counterparty for signature for them to do the same. But now, businesses are looking for time-saving and efficiency with customer satisfaction. The emergence of eSignature has helped businesses to achieve this and turnaround document signature in minutes across geographies. Electronic commerce thrives due to eSignature innovation. Companies can address top challenges through the adoption of eSignature.  With the advent of the internet and the development of sophisticated eCommerce applications, the speed with which a document can be sent across the globe for returning with signatures is significantly reduced, increasing efficiency manifold. 

Advantages of eSignature 

The signing of documents is a long-term process for businesses. As businesses focus on scale, it becomes challenging to offer the product or service to the customer or client quickly.  Paperless signing is fast, and there is no need to sign documents physically. There is no need to have physical presence in the receiving office. As per Forbes Magazine report, eSignature brings about effective cost saving, reduced time, and eliminates the need for expensive extra packaging and postage stamps. It reduces handling time, costs, legal paperwork and supporting infrastructure, operational complexity, and improves the bottom line.  It also reduces risks to document integrity and confidential information getting exposed. 

cloud electronic signature software

How eSignature save businesses time, costs, and resources 

The real cost of an electronic signature for a month is estimated to be less than the cost of sending a letter. This translates into savings of up to 60% in costs coupled with efficient document turnaround.  You may think that the process has become automated by adding additional software to a business’ existing systems. However, this is not true. Most of the process still involves employees taking time to capture the signatures, transfer them, adding them, and circulating without an effective workflow. With cloud eSignature software like CryptoESIGN, it became so easy to use and built to help manage the complete workflow, increasing the throughput of employees immensely at reduced costs. 


Flexibility, dependability, and openness are essential trun a successful eCommerce or online business If this flexibility and transparency are missing, the company will fail. It is thus, vital to understand how your business can gain these traits. Adopting cloud eSignature software will lead you to achieve the goals in a simple, effective, and economical manner. CryptoESIGN helps to save costs, time, and resources, helping to improve the bottom line.

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