How eSignatures Reduce Paper Waste and Pollution- And Why Everyone Should Use Them

How Electronic Signatures Reduce Paper Waste and Pollution- And Why Everyone Should Use Them

In traditional paper-based signatures, all documents are printed on paper of as many copies as there are signatories and signed by all of them manually. This increases paper consumption and consequently felling of trees since wood being one of the primary raw materials for the manufacturing of paper. If one can change over to electronic signature, there will be substantial savings on tree cutting needed for paper manufacturing, maintaining our ecological balance very well. Hence, in this era of climate change problems, all must change over to adopt electronic signature

Understanding the Problem

The U.S. Government spends a large sum of money printing and distributing all the bills to the public. In this process, there is a vast number of trees used to make the paper used for these bills. This is one primary reason for the high level of pollution that is taking place. Of the average 6-billion-dollar statements produced yearly in the U.S, it is estimated that 2 billion are printed on paper. It is the same with other country governments like India etc.; While e-governance initiatives have been underway in several parts of the world, the paperless has still not become real.  The amount of money being spent to save the planet from pollution and destruction of the environment is not fair. Therefore, all suggest that government departments must adopt esignatures to showcase solidarity to environmental protection.  The private enterprises, banks, and educational institutions also support this initiative to become one-hundred percent digital by avoiding manual signature process for any of their process requirements

The Solution

Now, what we need is an electronic signature service provider which would assist in the electronic signature of all documents and help in storing documents in a digital format. There are several service providers in the market, and our CryptoESIGN is also one among them.  A convenient workflow integrated e-signature service provider can relieve lots of pains for e-signature users by way of a simple solution that is not only convenient to use but also secure to use.  There is no single industry that does not execute agreements or uses paper-based communication.  Since e-signature provides higher traceability as to who executed the signature, it is more secure than a paper signature with all electronic traces being stored by e-signature service providers, including timestamp at the time of execution

Why You Should Adopt eSignatures

When we use to sign cheques manually, there used to be often queries from banks about your signature not being the same as you have provided as your specimen signature.  This nuisance was overcome with banks going digital and digital transaction approval coming through seamlessly.  A similar situation could arise for agreements when you are asked to prove your signature after years, wherein it may not match your initially signed signature.  Imagine claiming your insurance after 30 years of premium payment, and your signature is not going to be so easy to compare and authenticate.   eSignatures are the way to go, avoiding all the pitfalls of manually proving your signature that it is indeed you who signed that document or agreement originally


eSignatures are very crucial for any kind of business because it allows for one to sign important documents electronically which makes them traceable. Since most countries have adopted electronic signature as legal, companies must go one-hundred percent digital by adopting electronic-only signature.  This way, they can contribute to stopping environmental degradation and help to improve climate change

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