Top Industries that can Benefit from eSignature Application

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eSignature is one of the crucial pieces to close the loop in the digital transformation journey of many B2B and B2C customers. Businesses like eCommerce thrive because eSignature evolved to contract with customers effortlessly. Similarly, banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, mortgage, financial services, law firms, Automobiles, professional firms, etc., are all benefitted from using eSignature to close customer contracts or affirmative obligations. If one must broadly say, every industry will require eSignature without any exception.

Why is eSignature important?

eSignature is quick, cost-effective, and scalable. It has a very elegant user experience. It is easier for customers as well as employees to use and saves time or increases productivity. Many offices see compliance and security as the most significant challenges, and paper documents increase this complexity. Digital sign-offs ensure this seamlessly by designing workflow to have it done before transaction closure. By doing business digitally and adding digital signature capabilities, companies not only adopt eSignature solutions to serve their customers better, but they also increase the loyalty of the customer and help them become repeat customers.

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Top Industries that can benefit from eSignature

1. The e-commerce industry uses it for customer order confirmation, delivery confirmation or to say, complete customer order management.

2. The banking industry uses it to authenticate customer instructions in the ever-increasing online banking mode.

3. Mortgage companies and housing finance companies are always providing eSignature features to close customer contracts faster.

4. Automobile service centers get confirmation from customers of service contract estimates to commence service and repairs.

5. The telecommunication industry handles thousands of customers every hour for new connection signup and other value-added services and uses eSignature to make it self-service oriented.

6. Insurance companies have specific business requirements that can get chaotic and time-consuming if manual signatures have to be used and prefer to use eSignatures.

7. The financial services industry uses eSignature to draft and execute contracts and confirmation of deliveries without needing physical signature.

8. Professional firms contract with their customers on various aspects with financial obligations and eSignature plays a vital role to do this electronically and securely.

9. The Healthcare industry provides multiple services, including highly regulated services like prescriptions done using eSignature for absolute authentication.

10. Cross-border contract execution can be highly time-consuming if documents have to move between continents or countries physically and are preferred to be signed electronically using eSignature to cut on cost and time.

11. Most international law firms use eSignature to speed up their delivery capabilities across the globe; In a nutshell, one can find a use case in every industry looking for digital transformation to improve the overall efficiency of operations without exception.

12. Electronic signature for pharmaceutical industries ensures secure and compliant document management, simplifying regulatory processes and expediting approvals.

13. Electronic signature for human resource communications is a game-changer for Industries with HR teams, streamlining document processes and ensuring compliance with ease.


Many studies have already proved eSignature plays a more significant role in streamlining the processes outdating manual signing of contacts. eSignatures have already become mainstream for every deal and every transaction of a business including small businesses across industry segments. CryptoESIGN has further enhanced the whole cloud eSignature landscape by designing it as a word-inspired application so that users in a single application can achieve end-to-end digital transformation. CryptoESIGN is a universal adoption application across industries, sizes, and customer segments, without any exception.

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